《Smali Viewer Manual》

1 Basic information
Welcome SmaliViewer ( referred to as “SV”), SV is a free APK analysis software, regardless of the depth or breadth of analysis from the point of view, are designed to meet user needs, making the process in the APK in your analysis , more handy. SV for Android mobile smart device applications APK files reverse , for the analysis of mobile application software code , using a variety of methods to determine the suspected samples for screening , such as certificate information , permissions information sensitive SP number information , Android Manifest , the function flowchart (CFG), a string table resource file information, sensitive information behavior , dynamic behavior , and so comprehensive determination .

2 Installation
   Operating Environment:
   Need to install java 1.7 and above
   Download SmaliViewer .zip package, extract the installation directory in the specified folder open SmaliViewer
   Start method:
   Click SmaliViewer.bat under windows system to run the program ; under Linux Click SmaliViewer.sh run the program. The first time you run the program , agree to ” user agreement .” 1.1

3 Use
   3.1 Interface Workspace
   Work area is divided into four regions, see the following picture :
   1- menus and toolbars.
   2- the main work area.
   3- Operation log and status display area.
   4- class structure display.
   5- member list display area.

3.2 Loading apk
SV ‘s core purpose is to make the analysis easier APK , so the use of methods, is also particularly convenient: loading APK There are three main ways :   
1- Through the Open button in the File menu , and then select Open apk   
2- will need to analyze the apk directly dragged into the designated area    
3- Pass the historical path directly open 3.2 After loading successfully , through menus and toolbars , select the desired view of the working window .

3.3 Workspace
View the work area through the operation menu and shortcut menu , you can open the following eight working window , the window through which eight kinds of work , to show you the results of the analysis contained SV depth and breadth of the APK ‘s :

Working window Description
Smali can view through SV disassembled . Smali code information dex format files .
Graph can view the information to the calling function relationship diagram with arrows.
AndroidManifest can view the AndroidManifest APK file information.
String can see Dex in the decompiled code string information , and the use of regular expressions, get the URL information.
Resouces String can view resource.asrc file decompiled resource file information.
Certification can view the certificate file information Apk.
Zip View compressed files can be viewed within the packet.
Note can record their own analysis of information.
Comsearch can smali code for the global search.

1- shortcut keys , you can quickly open the String workspace , Resouces String workspace and Zip View workspace.   
2- Tab directory , display opened Tab, and you can double-click or click the Close icon to close the Tab.  
3- Additional Tab in the menu bar to open the View.
3.4 Common viewing
   Search function: When using the SV view the code , you can open the Search feature to quickly find their desired code location. When using the Search Comsearch into global search and Search to find the current page . You can open the Options , or use the shortcut key.


  Comment function: In Smali Tab window , add notes to code , location of the mouse , right click , you can open the menu , select Comment feature, add a comment 4   
Jump function: In the Manifest Tab window , move the mouse to the code content underlined , double-click the left button , you can jump to the corresponding code content Smali Tab Window. 5

  Vt networking analysis : Connect via the Internet to virustotal, APK online analysis , click on the shortcut icon to start the network analysis functions 3.8
4 Other Features
   4.1 View reference relationship
A member of the class structure of the display area of the list display area , select a method or variable , see the context menu select ref to, you can see the relationship between the reference method , and a list of references to double-click on the window above relationship can jump. 4.1 4.2
   4.2 Graph
After the list of selected members of the method , open the View in Graph, you can view the code within the method jumps view 1 – preview view , drag the blue box , you can change the display contents of the main workspace 4.3
    4.3 Save DEX2jar
Under Options select the directory to save dex2jar button , you can apk the . Dex file as . Jar format , save in the original APK file directory , and then use dex2jar_gui but other software to open , view java code. 74.5 5 Config Settings
Open Config in Options, catalog , content settings , including functional display style , and the style interface displays two under Functions window can display format of the code, click OK to confirm the selection . Under View window, you can open the night mode, language patterns , as well as the font size display window , and the window style , click OK to confirm the selection . 8 9
6 About AVL Team
AVL Team is safe laboratory ‘s independence day mobile security company , was founded in 2010 . Since its establishment , AVL Team has always focused on the mobile anti-virus field , is committed to partner with the best anti-virus engines and solutions on a profound understanding of customer needs , and has accumulated rich experience and technology .   
AVL Team also made ​​major security threats and efficient emergency response , and actively participate in academia and industry activities. AVL Team ‘s main product is mobile anti-virus engine middleware called AVL SDK for Mobile , the mobile platform can be used to detect malicious code , adware and spyware and so on. AVL SDK for Mobile users can easily integrate it into its own network equipment , software or mobile applications, immediate access to the top anti-virus capabilities.   
AVL SDK for Mobile can be ported to different hardware platforms , and to adapt to different network environments and computing power. AVL SDK for Mobile malicious code detection capability has been validated authoritative test : 2014.2, AVL SDK for Mobile won the top international testing organization AV-TEST awarded the 2013 Annual Awards only mobile security .

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